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Focus on Exception Handling in Python and it’s types

Exception Handling in Python Exception handling is a crucial part of Python programming that helps developers handle unexpected issues in their code smoothly. In this article, we’ll cover different types of exceptions in Python, understand how to use try and except to handle them, explore the try with else clause, see why finally is essential, an...

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How To Make a Tailored Resume & Analyze Job Description

How to Analyse a Job Description and Tailor Your Resume to Match The needs of the workforce are ever changing, acclimatising to growing technology and performance methods. Consequently, the employers have to adapt and evolve their understanding and expectations of a job. Analysing a job description enables the employee and the employer to meet the ...

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Best ways to use Keywords in a Data Engineering Resume

How To Use Keywords And Phrases To Optimise Your Data Engineering Resume As a data engineer you have been building extensive data pimples that can engulf multiple data sources. You have created tools which can be used by anyone from your organisation. You have the ability to Extract, Transform and Load volumes of data. However, your data engineer r...

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